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We all know that connectivity is absolutely vital to success.  Whether this is internally within a building or campus with robust, scalable and secure WiFi services, or your crucial link to the outside world, selecting the right technology and access circuits is a business critical decision.

WiFi for example comes in many flavours, from unmanaged connectivity from your basic internet router, to fully meshed, fully managed enterprise wide solutions.  The latter sounds really expensive, and yet with our key technology provide, Ubiquiti, their solutions are so flexible that even a small company can enjoy the power of a well designed enterprise-class WiFi network at a very economical price point.

If you have a large site with multiple buildings, gone are the days of having to run fibre optic underground (although this is still a perfectly viable solution), as long as you have good line of site between buildings and the necessary consent to attach small transmitters to the external envelope, you can easily link buildings together at multi-gigabit speeds.

Your Internet connection plays such an important role in your ability to do business, so why would you cut corners here?  To save cost of course, but the cost impact of losing connectivity can be incalculable.  We offer a full range of connectivity solutions, backed with Service Level Agreements from our partners at Spitfire.  Coupled with redundant service offerings, we can ensure that you have the most resilient connectivity possible within your budget.

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