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VoIP Telephony

Who needs a phone system in this mobile connected world?  Well, actually probably most of us.  A good VoIP telephony is essential to your success.

A “landline” number still plays an important role in your brand, it localises you and gives you more size than simply a mobile number.  It also provides you with greater flexibility on handling calls, even for small businesses.  A modern telephony platform should be a fully mobilised solution.  As 3CX partners and accredited engineers, we can testify for the superb capabilities of this software based phone system.

VoIP telephony by 3CX can run on-premise or in the cloud (again, always your choice), with flexible options for connecting either modern SIP trunks or legacy ISDN2/30/analogue services, 3CX is industry leading in terms of capability.  We use 3CX ourselves, cloud hosted on our own UK servers, but we operate without desk phones, although many of our customers still prefer a physical handset on the desk.  We have the 3CX mobile application on our iPhones/Android devices and the 3CX Windows application on our computers.

Wherever are, so long as we have a connection to the Internet, we need never loose a call.  Even then, 3CX can be setup to follow you to your mobile number just in case you are in a data black spot.

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